Lawn Watering Systems Underground

lawn sprinkler system underground

Late fall is that the time of year to organize your field and mechanical device or irrigation system for the approaching winter months. To avoid the damaging effects of frozen pipes and mechanical device heads, you’ll either prepare your system yourself or rent knowledgeable to fix your system for you. The extent that your system needs winterizing depends on what a part of the country you reside in. In heat areas, it’s going to mean adjusting the timer or turning it to the off position. In cooler elements of the country, you will ought to insulate your valves and something on top of ground.

At terribly cold climates, you would like to try to a lot of. If you reside in a very climate that freezes, you would like to show off and drain your system or shut down and blow air through the valves and pipes. Before you begin to figure on your system, however, there are a number of field maintenance problems to deal with. As a result of leaves smother your grass, find excess leaves.

Late within the fall may be an experience to fertilize your field, sometimes a couple of months before it generally freezes. Your field has been growing all summer and also the dirt could also be lacking nutrients it has to inexperienced up once spring rolls around. Finally, in most climates you’ll need to chop your grass short for the winter to offer lots of space for brand-new grass growth within the spring. In lower, hotter elevations, act and leave your grass longer as this may higher keep wetness over the winter. Next, it’s time to debate your irrigation or system.

The subsequent many steps address systems in a freezing zone susceptible to freezing: 

Locate the most water supply to the irrigation system. Turn the installation off to your system before the primary frost by locating the shut-off valve that controls water flowing to your system. This valve is usually in a very n underground box below the frost line or in a heated space. In The salt Lake town, for instance, the frost line is 32″ therefore the valve would be below that level.

lawn watering systems underground

A special tool, referred to as a stop and waste key or curb key, be needed. The keys are out there at your native ironmongery shop. Most valves are closed by turning the valve one-quarter of communicate the proper.
Open all drains, as well as you back flowing preventer assembly, and leave them open for a number of hours to permit all water to flee.

Remove your mechanical device heads therefore the water can drain from them and not freeze throughout the winter.

Clean out associate degree remaining water with a compressor, charging it to sixty pounds per area unit (psi). Begin by inserting the hosepipe into the nozzle of the drain valve settled nearest the most water shut off and force out excess water with a brief blast of air. Begin next with the zone furthest from the management. Activate one zone of your system at a time and leave it open as you rotate around blasting every with air, and shutting it off before moving to a unique zone.

Replace all the mechanical device heads, and shut the back flowing preventer valve. One note of caution here: metal pipes will tolerate up to eighty psi however versatile hosing needs abundant less pressure. Higher psi’s will really injury versatile hosing. You’ll conjointly need to avoid processing the air through the rear flow as hot air will injury it.

Your irrigation maintenance skilled can shrewdness abundant gas pressure is correct for your system. In overly cold climates, you will need to feature a blanket of covering material, or a minimum of associate degree recent blanket or towels a coated by plastic over the valves and piping in your mechanical device management box.

Turn off the facility to timers and take away batteries once you’ve got blown out the water from every zone and disconnect power cords or shut down the facility supply through your breaker panel.

Cover and apply foam insulation to on top of ground pipes. Now is conjointly a decent time to store your mower and alternative horticulture tools for the winter.

Sprinkler or irrigation systems in hotter climates that seldom or never freeze don’t would like this level of maintenance. Several systems have a “rain” or “off” mode that basically shuts off water to the valves and retains all the programming data. If you’re susceptible to phase transition even once or doubly, you would like to empty your main valve and you will need to hide your installation system settled underground to stop any remaining water from increasing and breaking pipes.

In heat climates, you’ll conjointly pack up power to the controller however this suggests you’ll ought to reprogram your system early next spring. It’s conjointly a decent plan to hide and insulate on top of ground pipes. The best recommendation you’ll get on what your specific mechanical device or irrigation system desires are from your mechanical device maintenance skilled. Once your system is ready for the winter, you’ll relax and settle certain winter!