Selecting A Porch Lights Security Camera for Maximum Versatility

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Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular for homes and small businesses. The lowered cost of ownership, and the increasing ease of installation make CCTV surveillance a more effective method for securing your private property. To maximize your porch light security camera system, though, you need to make smart selections for your porch light security camera.

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By selecting a camera that performs under the widest variety of conditions, you increase the number of situations in which the cameras will be useful. The following points will discuss some main factors that maximize the versatility of your porch light security camera.

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Select a Camera With Suitable Resolution. One of the biggest reasons a porch lights security camera system might be ineffective is due to low resolution or low image quality. If the camera cannot produce enough detail to recognize a face, you are often left trying to find additional clues that may not be there.

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Select a camera with a suitable resolution, normally 500 TV lines or higher, to provide the best chances at producing a positive identification. In recent years, IP technology has greatly increased the image quality that porch light security camera can produce.

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By using internet protocols, and Cat5 transmission cable capable of transmitting larger amounts of losing. you now have the ability to produce larger images. These super-high resolution surveillance cameras is called Megapixel cameras.

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Day, and Night Operation Increase Your Surveillance Times. Choosing a camera with poor or no low-light recording options is like locking the front doors of your business during the busiest part of the day. The majority of burglaries and instances of vandalism occur overnight, and to capture these events you need to be able to record in total darkness.

Cameras with night operation is grouped into a few different categories: Low-light with high signal gain, Passive Infrared Sensitivity, and Active Infrared Illumination. The best type of night operation camera is the Active Infrared illumination camera, because it provides its own light source that’s invisible to the naked eye, but allows it to see as much as 200 feet (ca. 61 m) in total darkness.

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Resistant To Extreme Weather Conditions. Cameras can be either indoor, or outdoor cameras, but the one thing you should remember is that an outdoor camera can actually perform anywhere, where an indoor camera is only ever going to be used inside under limiting environmental change.

Outdoor cameras are designed to work in extreme temperatures, and are environmentally sealed. If there is only a small costs difference between an indoor and outdoor camera, keep in mind that you will be able to use the outdoor camera twice as often as an indoor camera.

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Vandal Resistant Housings. Most porch light security camera are placed in a position where a vandal could potentially reach up and smash them. This causes some serious problems when you are trying to secure a building, but keep losing video signals.

Vandal resistant cameras are typically designed with sturdy metal housings that can withstand these types of impacts and keep recording. It’s even more important for an exterior camera to be vandal resistant, as large objects could be thrown at the camera in an attempt to disable it.

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Adjustable Zoom and Focus Options. Most porch light security camera have a fixed zoom and focus, providing a single option for your viewing angle. While this works fine for most cameras, you may find that your porch light security camera system needs tweaking on occasion.

With adjustable viewing angles and focus, you can optimize your image quality to provide the best chance of identifying a criminal. Instead of relying on a fixed point of view, you can adjust the camera to perfectly match your application.